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World Children’s Art Exhibition & John Ken Nuzzo Concert

2012/03/20 0:26 に 日下部拓 が投稿   [ 2012/03/20 19:44 に更新しました ]

On Saturday March 17, the world famous tenor singer, John Ken Nuzzo’s concert was held at Yamamoto-cho Central Community Center. Despite the heavy rain, approximately 120 audiences enjoyed the powerful and beautiful voice of Mr. Nuzzo.

This concert was made possible by the volunteers of the Tokyo American Club, organized by Sendai YMCA and its three Y’s Men’s Clubs. During the concert, Mr. Nuzzo not only sung his selected songs, but also planned a couple of sing alongs, and the audiences really enjoyed the singing as well.

Along with the concert, an exhibition of children’s painting and messages from 15 countries and areas of the world was organized at the same location. This exhibition was organized by a group called “Skip with Smile” set up in the purpose of encouraging disaster struck children by children of the world. Pictures and messages of children have been displayed at three elementary schools in Ymamoto-cho since mid March, and brought to the Community Center for this day. Many audiences could enjoyed the display before and after the concert.

Mr. & Mrs. Nuzzo and several volunteers from Tokyo American Club wished to take advantage of this opportunity coming up to Sendai area and visit the tsunami struck area. After relaxing night at the oldest inn at Akiu hot springs, the group visited Okawa Elementary School in northern Ishinomaki to pay respect to 74 students that lost lives in 3.11 tsunami. After giving flowers and silent prayers for the victims, the group was joined by a volunteer guide and went to see around the port and destroyed residential area near the sea. In many occasion, participants were just speechless before the magnitude of the disaster vividly witnessed even after a year. The participants of the day trip expressed their desire to do more to help the victims recover and rebuild their lives.

After enjoying delicious local seafood lunch, the group hurried home after an eventful weekend.