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Osaka Higashi Y's Volunteers worked full 2 days

2012/03/11 23:08 に 日下部拓 が投稿

On March 8th & 9th, 5 volunteers from Osaka Higashi YMCA came and had full 2 days of works.

On 8th, the group arrived at Sendai Airport in the morning, was welcomed by Mr. Ohmura, a support staff from Hiroshima YMCA. Mr. Ohmura took the group to see the tsunami struck areas of Matsushima, Nobiru, and Ishinomaki: how the communities were destroyed and recovered so far.  Then, the group went to the YMCA Ishinomaki Center that Tokyo YMCA established.  They helped carry some donated goods to a local elementary school.

On 9th, I also joined the group and 7 of us went to Yamamoto-cho, the south most town of Miyagi coast (southern neighbor is Fukushima prefecture). We helped Mr. Iwasa’s strawberry farm in the morning, connecting & lying steel pipes hooked in anchor eyes driven into the soil, to assemble the base section of the warm house (photo).  Although there are a few farmers reestablished strawberry farms in the town, they are all hydroponics while Mr. Iwasa is the only farmer planting on soil and insisting on organic farming.  He brought out some big and sweet berries he picked early in the morning, and that was a real treat! Mr. Iwasa shared with us his passion for organic (and "on the soil") farming. 

After lunch at a local restaurant (help boost the local economy) the group went to Sakamot Elementary School to help display pictures and hand written messages from 15 countries and areas.  This picture message project is organized by a group of ladies called “Egao de Skip (skip in smile)” and YMCA has been help arranging the schools and community center for display. Osaka 5 did a great job utilizing their artistic sense to decorate the room pretty.

After full 2 days of work, the Osaka 5 headed home on red-eye highway bus. This makes their third volunteer trip to this area since last summer, and we are very appreciative for their commitment for continuous support regardless of the long distance between us.