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Osaka Higashi YMCA Threw a Tako-Par

2011/11/29 5:41 に 日下部拓 が投稿

Ms. Ayako Ishimuro ("Tirol") with her ten colleague volunteer leaders and Ms. Emi Suzuki, the Executive Director of Osaka Higashi YMCA have thrown a "Tako-Par" or "Takoyaki Party" at Shizugawa Shizen-no-ie Temp-Housing complex in Minami Sanriku-cho on Sunday, November 27th.

Taking a red-eye highway bus from Osaka and arriving at Sendai station on Saturday morning, the twelve from Osaka wasted no time and began prepping for the Tako-Par.  Takoyaki is a kind of bread balls with chopped octopus and condiments cooked on a special "Takoyaki plate" (an iron plate with a bunch of golf-ball-sized dimples), topped with thick sauce and dried bonito flakes, and Osaka is known for this delicacy.

About twenty children: from kindergarten to middle school, that participated in Day Camps and other YMCA activities during the summer, came out and helped the Osaka Twelve cook and serve Takoyakis. 

Mr. Koichi Shimizu, the Board Chairman of Sendai YMCA (Sendai Aoba Y's Men's Club) brought Mr. Tsutomu Ohno, a member of Kobe Port Y's Men's Club with his two colleague school teachers. Mr. Ohno served freshly dripped coffee and lead some songs with his guitar. Since 10:00 a.m. when we began serving, there was always a long line of people waiting for their Takoyaki, and they all enjoyed conversing with the young volunteers form Osaka while waiting.  There was a Grand'ma who said it was her first time being able to laugh so much after the March 11th tsunami disaster, and we felt very happy to make these people happy. 

All 500 servings of Takoyakis (6 pieces per serving) are completely gone by 1:30 p.m. Many thanks for Mr. Hiraku Watanabe for allowing us to use his large tent, Mr. Wataru Onodera for donating propane gas with regulators for the day, and Mr. Sato and other parents and residents for pitching in to help in various tasks. And most of all, thanks for the twelve dear friends from Osaka for their passion and commitment: you've really made difference in many people's lives!