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HAI(Help Age International) Observation Support

2012/11/28 20:21 に 加藤雄一 が投稿
We supported HAI (Help Age International) 's staff and Japan YMCA union's staff during observation of affected areas on Sunday, November 18, 2012.
The following is Yuji Omura, vice-head of the office's report.

I supported HAI's observation on November 18 (Sunday).3 HAI staff and 1 Japan YMCAunion staff visited.This organization supported our activity in the past but they are especially planning to support elderly people in future.
We visited East Matsushima Hibiki Industrial Complex temporary housing' s meeting place in the morning.We had seen posters for came at 10:00 a.m.While drinking tea, we talked about everyday life to this year from last year in a mixture of English.
We visited Yamamoto town's special nursing home for the aged "Miyamaso" in the afternoon and explained the state of the connected institution's suffering and volunteer activity by the whole country's YMCA Y's men's club.
After that they inspected the JR Sakamoto station, Nakahama elementary school, Yamashita second elementary school and Iwasa strawberry farm. Then they went back to Tokyo.