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Flying Kite of Hope

2012/03/13 6:00 に 日下部拓 が投稿
On March 11, we flew kites in the early spring sky of Sendai to pray for the tsunami victims, also for the hope for the survivors’ future. 

On the first anniversary of the March 11 disaster, Sendai YMCA joined with many other YMCAs and other organizations world wide to fly kites in memory of those who have lost their lives a year ago, also in prayers for the hopeful future of the disaster struck people in Tohoku. This event was hosted by Sendai Kite Club with cooperation of Sendai YMCA and its 3 Y’s Men & Women’s Clubs (support clubs of the local YMCA).

Message of this kite is "GDP will go up!"
In many communities in Japan, it's been a tradition that a white (plain) kite was flown to announce a death in family, then intentionally cut loose in prayer of letting the evil go from the family. That is the reason people do not fly white kites: they paint or use colorful material but never white.  At 12:30 p.m., the white kites were handed out by the Kite Club members to those gathered, then flown in silent prayers for those who lost their lives in the devastating tsunami last year.

Then at 1:00 p.m., colorful kites were handed out to children and families gathered, many brought their hand made kites as well, and all the colorful kites filled the March sky in prayers for hopes. Members of the Kite Club brought variety of kites: for examples, long kites of 100 little kites of rainbow color made a huge arch in the sky, while a big “GDP” kite sending a message “the economy goes up!”
Volunteers organized the "Kite of Hope" event

Flying kite is such a simple play, but when many fly them together in prayer, they send a bold message in the sky. At 2:46 p.m. when the earthquake hit Tohoku, little over 100 people gathered all brought their kites in and joined hearts in silent prayers for the victims.

It was a very meaningful tribute to the lost lives, also a promise of hopes for continuous recovery and rebuilding of lost communities. 

P.s  My apology for particularly poor quality photos this time: it's really hard to take pictures of kites in the sky with bright background and impossible to focus with a tiny digital camera!