Sendai YMCA Volunteer Support Center was set up on the 23rd of March 2011 after the East Japan Earthquake occurred on the 11th of March to support and coordinate YMCA volunteers from all over Japan.
And also Sendai YMCA has started working for the people in the coastal areas who were evacuated from the disaster.

Activity Report

  • HAI(Help Age International) Observation Support We supported HAI (Help Age International) 's staff and Japan YMCA union's staff during observation of affected areas on Sunday, November 18, 2012.The following is Yuji Omura, vice-head of the office's report.I supported HAI's observation on November 18 (Sunday).3 HAI staff and 1 Japan YMCAunion staff visited.This organization supported our activity in the past but they are especially planning to support elderly people in future.We visited East Matsushima Hibiki Industrial Complex temporary housing' s meeting place in the morning.We had seen posters for came at 10:00 a.m.While drinking tea, we talked about everyday life to this year from last year in a mixture of English.We visited ...
    投稿: 2012/11/28 20:21、加藤雄一
  • Receiving of support supplies from San Francisco We received support supplies from Robert Chung who  lives  in San Francisco.Mr. Chung is a Community Church member.Support supplies  were packed in 133 plastic pouches . for example crayons, small flashlights, notepads, pencils, pens, mechanical pencils and so on.Katsuyo Haywerd received those goods  from Robert Chung and sent them to us.We will search for a good distribution place and give disribute them  to children.Thank you very much for this  opportunity.
    投稿: 2012/07/10 22:24、加藤雄一
  • Japan & U.S. YMCA Volunteers worked together On Monday March 19, 5 volunteers from Seattle YMCA joined with 7 Japanese YMCA volunteers the “Kyusyu group” (5 Kumamoto and 2 Kitakyushu YMCAs Jr. College students). Together, they worked at the Iwasa Strawberry Farm in Yamamoto-cho. Directors Ohmura & Kusakabe from the Sendai YMCA Volunteer Support Center lead the two groups.First assigned job was to attach 3 rows of long horizontal metal strips (for tying plastic sheets to the hot house) on the steel pipe framing. It was so windy and the gusts pick up sand just like in sand storms, so everyone got sand in shoes, cloths, hair, eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. After lunch, volunteers helped dig out bamboo roots from behind the shed, where ...
    投稿: 2012/03/20 5:39、日下部拓
  • World Children’s Art Exhibition & John Ken Nuzzo Concert On Saturday March 17, the world famous tenor singer, John Ken Nuzzo’s concert was held at Yamamoto-cho Central Community Center. Despite the heavy rain, approximately 120 audiences enjoyed the powerful and beautiful voice of Mr. Nuzzo.This concert was made possible by the volunteers of the Tokyo American Club, organized by Sendai YMCA and its three Y’s Men’s Clubs. During the concert, Mr. Nuzzo not only sung his selected songs, but also planned a couple of sing alongs, and the audiences really enjoyed the singing as well.Along with the concert, an exhibition of children’s painting and messages from 15 countries and areas of the world was organized at the same location. This exhibition was ...
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  • Flying Kite of Hope On March 11, we flew kites in the early spring sky of Sendai to pray for the tsunami victims, also for the hope for the survivors’ future. On the first anniversary of the March 11 disaster, Sendai YMCA joined with many other YMCAs and other organizations world wide to fly kites in memory of those who have lost their lives a year ago, also in prayers for the hopeful future of the disaster struck people in Tohoku. This event was hosted by Sendai Kite Club with cooperation of Sendai YMCA and its 3 Y’s Men & Women’s Clubs (support clubs of the local YMCA).Message of this kite is "GDP will go up!"In many communities in Japan, it ...
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< Bank Account for donation>
Two kinds of donation will be possible

1.Donation for the evacuees through YMCA VSC(Local Relief Fund-raising
  The donation is used for
       -- Buying and delivering the relief supplies
       -- Organizing and taking care of YMCA volunteers from all over Japan  etc

2.Donation for the Sendai YMCA programs(YMCA Relief Fund-raising
  The donation is used for 
   --  Repairing YMCA buildings and facilities
   --  Supporting who can't join YMCA programs due to disaster  etc

 ◇Local Relief Fund-raising◇YMCA Relief Fund-raising◇ 
【Payee name】SENDAI YMCA
【Payee address】 9-7 Tachimachi, Aobaku, Sendai, Miyagi, Japan 980-0822
【Account No.】311-2000751
【Bank Address】2-2-6 CHUO AOBAKU SENDAI MIYAGI JAPAN 980-0021
【Payee name】 Sendai YMCA
                       Kohetsu Ohno
【Payee Address】 9-7 Tachimachi, Aoba-ku, Sendai, 980-0822 JAPAN
【Bank】  The 77 Bank.Ltd.
【Swift code】  BOSSJPJT
【Branch】 Bashonotsuji Branch
【Accout No.】 204-5236088

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